Nexus Programme Ltd grew out of Nexus Direct a well established Residential Care Company which was established in1986. We continue to be a small family run business that has a more personal approach to its service users. There are aspects of our programme which will certainly challenge its service users, itsexpectations are definitely higher than most services users will have previously experienced consequently not everyone whoparticipates will achieve every aspect of the programme.


Success is determined by the amount of enthusiasm and energy which the individual service user demonstrates in the various activities on the programme, we feel that learning about and coping with negative feelings about defeat and weakness is as important as success, strength, development and growth.


The Nexus Programme Ltd works with adults from 16 years of age who experience Mild to Moderate levels of learning difficulties who for a variety of reasons have presented significant challenges to their support.


Our work is concerned with creating an environment in which poorly skilled and inexperienced people can begin to achieve their full potential and use their newly acquired skills to achieve a measure of independence leading to positive and productive lives where possible within the community