A Typical Placement


”None are typical as all placements are tailor made"




Should you and your service user decide that we are the service for you, then you will be offered the opportunity to visit our service as many times as you wish so that you can be sure that the service offered is one that can fully meet the needs of your service user. During this time we will also carry out an initial assessment of the service user in a variety of settings which will include the home, school or college setting.




At this point and when all required paperwork has been completed, we will undertake a twelve week assessment of needs, and skills so that we can produce with your service user a tailor made Care Plan which will meet all needs, wants and hopefully dreams.




When the twelve week assessment has been completed we will conduct a placement meeting, in which all progress to date can be discussed, and any concerns that any party
should have will be addressed.




Then if all parties are in agreement, that this the most suitable placement for your service user they can then begin their journey to self realisation.




Placements are never terminated at short notice Nexus Programme Ltd will always offer a minimum period of 28 day notice given to the Placing Authority.




The termination of a service users placement needs time and above allconsistency. When this time and understanding has been given we at Nexus Direct have enabled many young people to integrate back into their community and lead a normal or semi-supported life with the skills they acquired during their time with us enabling them to be as independent as their abilities will allow.