Health Provision.


All our young people when they enter our service are registered with our local

All our young people also have full access to local dentists

and opticians and thisis part of our commitment to fully monitored health requirements.


In addition to this we provide a chiropodist, who visits the homes on a regular basis, and who will see every service user.



We also provide a CBT psychotherapist, who sees every
service user and
provides a confidential service of counselling and specific issue work, which is then relayed to the team, in such a way that protects confidentiality, but also provides additional support in specific issue work.

This psychotherapist is also an EMDR consultant and is one of the leading experts in the South East in the field of trauma therapy.





As company we fully understand the need for service users to have access to a qualified psychiatrist who can support us with issues relating to mental health as a company we
are in the privileged position of having one Kent’s leadin
specialists working in conjunction with us to support our service users needs.

All service users have access to this service if this is part of their Care Package.